Monday 21 July 2014

Moto Guzzi Breva 750 throttle synchronization reasons

I will not show you an example as to how to do the synchronization, because this topic can be found easily at the next link:
The idea is to talk about the symptoms that a bike that's in a desperate need of syncing has.
The first and most annoying issue was that the engine, left on idle speed, would stop in about 1 or 2 minutes. It didn't matter if the engine was cold or hot.
The next video was filmed when I tried to get the engine warm (with the choke lever on). (It stops at the end)

The same problem happened at every red traffic light. The only way to avoid the engine to stop was to rise the idle speed at 3000 RPM by hand. Very annoying!
Another problem was the strong vibration in handlebar because of the engine. I have to mention that the bike was in this state when I bought her. The entire motorcycle vibrated proportionally with the RPM. It was a real massage device for my hands and butt. My girlfriend loved it, I think :D.
The third issue was the fuel consumption. For a trip of 240 km outside of the town, I had a 7.5% ( liters per 100 km). All this... at a very reasonable speed and RPM. Not exceeding 4000 RPM. I think the consumption was too high.
After I did some research on the Internet, I came up with the conclusion that I had to synchronize.
Many mechanics from my area gave me the wrong diagnosis about the injectors and the other parts that could have been the problem. I had a feeling that they were wrong and I’m glad I acted accordingly. In my region there are no dealers or mechanics for Moto Guzzi.
I followed the instructions from the link above. 

After the synchronization, it was a different bike. It had nothing in common with the one that I bought. The engine didn’t stop. It sounded very smooth. The vibrations became very low. And the consumption dropped to 4.0 l/100km outside of the town. 

I recommend doing a valve adjustment before the throttle synchronization. I will write about this in another post.
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  1. Sometimes mechanics make and think things are complicated when they are simple, eg. a fixed amount of air to a fixed amount of fuel, when you get these factors correct on multi cylinders you must get carbies, or fuel ejectors opening and closing together, simple, not rocket sience

  2. I have a 2005 Moto Guzzi Nevada Classic 750 IE and it does exactly the same as per video. Your blog brilliantly simplifies why my bike stalls at red lights whether hot or cold, it matters not.
    On another note, my Nevada backfires REALLY loudly from the right muffler 98% of the time and infrequently though the left on overrun decelerating from higher revs occurring at approx 3000 RPM which I believe is due to the fuel/air mixture leaning-out too much on overrun. This I feel maybe due to an imbalance of the fuel/air mixture also which may rectify once the left and right sides are synchronised and idle issue sorted.

    1. Have you sorted your nevada out mate? I have nevada too and it does exactly same thing..

  3. buna, acum mi-am cumparat o Breva 750 si se pare ca are aceleasi simptome . aveti cumva un video cum ati procedat? e greu sa gasesti in romania un mecanic dedicat pentru asa ceva. majoritatea doresc sa faca doar operatiuni usoare, nu chestii de finete. multumesc

    1. Salut. Exista in manualul de service pasii pentru sincronizare. Nu ii stiu pe de rost dar manualul exista pe internet. Trebuie doar rabdare.

  4. inca o chestiune : cum stiti cat carburant mai este in rezervor?

    1. Pai martorul de combustibil se aprinde cand mai sunt vreo 3 litri de benzina in rezervor. In rest trebuie tinuta o evidenta. Eu folosesc o aplicatie care se numeste "Road Trip" si cu care stiu aproximativ ce distanta pot parcurge.


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