Wednesday, 25 June 2014

How I got into motorcycling and how I bought my first motorcycle.

The story.
Well, first thing's first. It’s kind of a nice story about the will to ride. When I was in high school, I wanted to have a motorcycle. My mother told me she used to ride a motorcycle when she was young. I found that very exciting. At one point, I had raised some money but I was in love with playing the guitar and I had to choose between a very old and rusty Zundapp from the World War II and an electric guitar. I went for the guitar back then and I don’t feel sorry for that. As time passed, the desire to ride two wells never disappeared. The thought that 5 of my friends have died in stupid accidents while riding or related with it, made me delay for about 15 years my decision to apply for a motorcycle driving license.
 So I was standing in a bus station alone waiting for the bus, with very confusing thoughts about the things I wanted to do in life, had recently broken up with a girlfriend and it seemed to me like I was going nowhere.  Suddenly, a guy on a white motorcycle came (in the bus station) and parked in front of me. I can’t figure out why that image had such an impact on me. Not the guy, if you’re thinking that :)). That rider saw that I was impressed, so he invited me to get on the bike. He told me it was written on my face that I wanted that.
I shyly accepted while he was buying something from a store nearby. I didn’t ride it. I just got on the bike. It was clear to me that I wanted to ride a motorcycle, from that moment.
That bike was a Yamaha DragStar. Pretty close to what I have in my mind.
The next thing I did was find a good school for riding license. I had the best luck in the world. My brother gave me the number of a very good teacher. For a  fair price, I learned to ride naked street, enduro and speed motorcycle. I was taught to ride, not only to pass the exam. For example, I was taught how to get over the border of a sidewalk and other very useful things. Thanks Robert! You are the best!
My teacher - Robert Necsulescu
After passing the exam for the riding license, I had to decide what bike I should buy. I had in mind the Yamaha DragStar but with my spinal cord problem, I couldn’t resist in that riding position.

Choosing the bike.
 The bike that I wanted would have followed the next parameters:
•    Cardan transmission
•    V-type motor with 2 cylinders
•    500 cc or more
•    The feet had to be under the body during riding
•    Not a very big bike
•    A good brand
•    Reliable
After a long research on the internet, I discovered the Moto Guzzi brand and their beautiful products. I fell in love with the V7 model. Unfortunately, even a used one was too expensive for me. However, there was an old model with the motor block identical and with a lower price, on the second-hand market.  That bike is the Moto Guzzi Breva 750 i. e.

Getting the bike.
My girlfriend - Cristina :*
While researching the bike market from my country, I realized that Moto Guzzi is a very rare bike. I hardly found one Breva at 300 km away from my home. Even if I didn’t have all the money, my beautiful intelligent girlfriend helped me get the bike, not only from a financial point of view. Thanks Cristina :*.
My ex-boss (colleague as he preferred)Cristi Garlea.
I also got some help from my ex-boss, who frequently travels to the same town  where the bike was located. He does it to buy articles for his store. Thanks Mr. Cristi!

Just happy to feel it.
Being so excited about getting the bike, I didn’t make a proper verification before I buying it. I just wanted to see it start. Anyway, I was very happy and that mattered the most. I got the bike on the van and the night I arrived at my place, some friends were waiting for me. And surprise: the bike didn’t want to start with all my friends around me :)) Even so, I was very happy to have it :D .

The end of the beginning.
The next posts will be about the problems and solutions that I found for the bike and other stuff that I think could be useful for others.
The bike didn't start, but I was still very happy.
Thanks for reading so many words :).  Hope you enjoy it.


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